SABIO is a reliable, intelligent platform that generates knowledge for soccer fans and pros. It determines what might happen to your favorite team (Will it classify? Will it drop? Will it be among the first eight?).
It is the only reliable tool that will tell you the possibilities of your team in a tournament. With that information you will have fun and will be able to enrich discussions with your friends. SABIO will provide valuable information for you to know everything about your favorite team´s classification.
  • Soccer fans in general
  • Members of technical and management teams
  • Journalists, soccer commentators.

No. You already have the knowledge required since you are a soccer fan. SABIO is a simple tool that will allow you to increase your knowledge of a particular team and the championship or tournament through an interface and simple questions.
No, but if you register, you could get all the options for improving the questions you ask SABIO. You could also get information about updates and you´ll know when the mobile version of SABIO is available. To register go to Here.
If you want to be up to date with SABIO´s new functions, you can follow us on Twitter (@SABIOfutbol). If you have any suggestions or recommendations, you can send us a message. Here. If you want to use SABIO on your web page or make a proposal to us, contact us at sabiofutbol@gmail.com.
In the settings you´ll be able to find the options to improve your search. You can set the time for SABIO to search for your answers and the number of answers you prefer to have in one search.
With the advanced options, you have the possibility to tell SABIO where to start your search, the order of the teams or the results of games played by a particular team. For example, let SABIO start your search with team A winning games, then team B winning games, and then team C losing games.

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